Autism Resources

What Sensory Overload Is Like

When an Autistic Child is Sick

The Signs of Illness for an Autistic Person

Businesses That Hire People With Special Needs

Bitty and Beau’s Coffee Shop in Wilmington, NC

Mrs. Grossman’s Stickers in Petaluma, CA

Nutritional Information

Cow’s Milk and Autism

The Cheapest Food to Address Autism

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Resources

38th Annual Conference on Mainstreaming Students with Hearing Loss in MA (here is a PDF of the line-up from the 37th annual conference)

4 National Resources for Hearing Aids

Feeding Tube (Tubie) Resources

Tubie Friends gives away free stuffed animals with feeding tubes to tubies!

Multidisciplinary Feeding Programs *

Children’s Feeding Program in Dallas, TX*

CHOC Children’s Program in Orange County, California

Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, MD

The Children’s Institute in Pittsburgh, PA

Children’s Hospital of Philidelphia (PA)

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee

*I can only vouge for the quality of the first two. The rest are similar in concept, but I have never personally benefitted from their services.)

Premature Children (Preemie) Resources

Preemie Support and Awareness Facebook Group

School Resources (for children with disabilities)

A Sensory Life contains printables and handouts to share with teachers about Sensory Processing Disorder

Sites for Parents with Special Needs Children

This video stars parents and siblings of children with kidney disease, but the sentiments ring true to a lot of families with special needs children

Assistance for Special Needs Families by State

North Carolina

GCF Family Support Services provides parent mentoring, peer support groups, and education to families.

HANDmeUPs Thrift Store provides employment opportunities for people with Autism and intellectual disabilities.

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